Life’s Lessons

Prompt: You find a letter on the path. You read it and it affects you deeply. Write a short story (50 – 100 words) about it.

Inspiration: Bollywood movie Finding Fanny, in which a man goes in search of the love of his life after a letter he sent to her 46 years ago comes back to him.


“But he wrote this letter 46 years back mom!”, Ronnie argued, her voice shrill with desperation. “What if he is STILL waiting for a reply? He doesn’t know the letter didn’t reach her! What if SHE has been waiting for him?”

“46 years, darling, is a long time, enough to forget anyone.”

“No it’s not. Not if you truly love someone.”

“True love is like Santa Claus dear, only real till a certain age.”

“Why don’t you believe in love mom?”

A long pause ensued before Jennifer conceded, “Go post it.”

Some lessons can only be learned first hand, she thought.