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It was in the most ordinary commonplace moments – like walking through a crowded marketplace or waiting for the train at the T-stop, that they felt this extraordinary strength about them, around them. In these moments, they knew that nothing could harm them. Not that they felt invincible or even plain lucky, no! It was a feeling that stemmed from some thing deeper, a belief so profound that they didn’t even know it existed, because they’d never had to think about it consciously. A belief so profound, and yet, so simple… like if the sun shone too harsh on them, they’d take out their shades and funny cowboy hats and gulp down glass after glass of pink lemonade, like if it suddenly rained so much that their souls were drenched and heavy, they’d play the most cheeky Bollywood rain song there was and dance their way to their safe place. Like somehow between the grocery shopping and the subway ride and the wedding vows, the tree of peace in her had finally found its roots in him and was blooming, like the bird of joy in him had at last taken flight on her wings and was soaring, like together they connected the lushest green of the earth to the purest blue of the sky and everything the earth whispered to the sky went through them and everything the sky murmured to the earth passed through them. Like they played a significant part in the running of the cosmos. Like they mattered, the most. Like they mattered the most. And thus anything that came in their way – the sun of hardships, the rain of disappointments – didn’t matter that much.
Now that I think about it, they were both – lucky and invincible – for they had found that rare form of togetherness that cloaks you and keeps you warm, without wrapping around you so tight you can’t breathe. The kind you search for in extraordinary love sonnets and find in ordinary people.


2 thoughts on “Togetherness

  1. Loved it!!!! Sometimes we are so desperately searching for the extraordinary that we fail to see the beauty in the ordinary….. But you’ve captured that so beautifully….

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